Rook vs. Two Minor Pieces by Esben Lund

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The material imbalance that is the subject of this book may seem a narrow topic, but the lessons to be learned here apply to all areas of chess: those who study this book will improve their general feeling for the pieces and their interrelation. Lund starts by building a theoretical foundation, comparing various theoreticians’ methods of assessing positions with a rook versus two minor pieces. Later, in a rich exercise section, these concepts are tested in practice. This book has an unusual approach to the idea of "practical examples" as the examples often start in the opening, then consider the transformation from the opening to the middlegame, and later to the endgame: this provides the reader with a much deeper level of understanding than conventional methods.

Esben Lund is a young Danish FM and respected trainer. (In 2008 he became an IM and made his first GM norm).


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