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Deep Rybka 3 Multiprocessor Version

Deep Rybka 3 Multiprocessor Version

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Deep Rybka 3 – Multiprocessor Version
Rybka 2, the world’s strongest chess program, leads all ranking lists clearly, with ratings well above Elo 3000. Now Rybka 3 is here, with a dramatic improvement of at least 80 Elo points.
Rybka, which translates to "little fish", is the shooting star of computer chess and the reigning world champion, having won its title in Amsterdam 2007.
But strength is not everything. Today the main use of chess software is interactive analysis. Rybka's superior playing strength helps you to quickly assess a position. But analysis with Rybka 3 is much more than just evaluations and best moves. In the user interface designed by ChessBase, Rybka 3 introduces several ground-breaking new analysis features:

Monte Carlo Analysis yields precise evaluations by playing thousands of ultra-fast games in a few minutes in a given position. This is very much like using game result statistics, something human players do when choosing their opening variations. Monte Carlo Analysis can be used in any position, but generally it's most useful in two types of positions:
Endgames – engines often give high scores to drawn endgames (and sometimes low scores to winning ones). Monte Carlo recognises fortresses and other no-progress situations. It's also good in rook endgames, which are another computer problem.
Positions where one side has made a big material sacrifice for slow compensation (i.e. not just tactics). For instance you can find lots of piece sacrifices in famous grandmaster chess games which no computer will correctly appreciate and which Monte Carlo gets right.

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Deep Rybka 3 Multiprocessor Version